About us

Jordan Carpentry & Building is a historic buildings specialist based in Hampshire and was formed to keep local historic and listed buildings maintained and restored for centuries to come. As the country's population swells and the need for new homes grows, it is important to preserve our heritage and not lose the traditional cottages, barns, churches and manor houses we all admire. The biggest part of preserving these old precious buildings is to have somebody work on them that understands the techniques and traditions of old, which we pride ourselves in. We believe experience is key when restoring period buildings and it is vital to bring on the next generation of craftspeople by teaching them our knowledge and understanding of these structures. We have gained our experience through similar methods, years of hands on experience and building a knowledge and understanding as to why, when and where particular materials and methods should be used.

Building a strong relationship with our clients is also essential. This will help us understand their requirements and needs as their project progresses. Our services don't just stop once your project is complete we maintain and perform ongoing repairs to your property.

Our ethos at Jordan Carpentry & Building is "making the past your future". In essence this mean we will take your period property and give it a new lease of life to survive in a modern world. Keeping these old buildings can sometimes be difficult and giving them a new lease of life even more so. That's why we offer restoration and refurbishment services. This allows us to maintain the historical values whilst at the same time introducing modern services. Our ultimate aim is to give our clients a property that they will be proud to call home.

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